Review: 'Master of None' Season 3 is a disaster
1.8Overall Score

Dialogue Magazine — One of my favorite binge Netflix shows returned on May 23rd for its third season. I was excited since most of the series I enjoy watching are on hold what seems to be 2022 because of the pandemic.

I got real comfortable, ready to enjoy hours of comedic hijinks from Dev and friends.

The first scene is Lena Waithe’s character Denise and girlfriend in bed at a big house in the countryside. I’m thinking, that’s kind of odd but, roll with it and let’s see where it goes. How will Dev and the other characters fit into this episode and beyond?

As the minutes ticked away it became clear that Denise and her girlfriend didn’t play a bit role in the episode, they were the focal point while Dev and his girlfriend Rachel appear for a brief moment. Odd, but Denise is a big part of show so why not give the character her own episode, I thought.

Then came episode 2 and it was more of Denise and her girlfriend. Now I’m confused. WTF is going on?

It turns out that the whole season, consisting of 5 episodes, are focused on Denise and her relationship instead of the supposed lead character Dev.

I was/am beyond disappointed. If you are going to do something like this, do it as a spin-off. The five episodes would’ve been much more interesting and enjoyable if it had it’s own title in association with ‘Master of None.’

The execution of season 3 of ‘Master of None’ in my opinion was an utter disaster. It didn’t have the charm and feel of the previous two seasons. It felt like a completely different show and that’s essentially what it was and it should’ve been treated as such, with it’s own unique title.