Guilty: Trump becomes first former US president convicted of felony crimes

(Dialogue Magazine) — Donald Trump became the first former American president to be convicted of felony crimes Thursday as a New York jury found him guilty of all 34 charges in a scheme to illegally influence the 2016 election through a hush money payment to a porn actor who said the two had sex.

New Year’s Eve Sweeps Across The Globe, But Wars Cast A Shadow On 2024

(Dialogue Magazine) - New Year's Day arrived to cheers from tens of thousands of beaming people in New York's Times Square who were showered with confetti and hugs and kisses after watching the descent of the colorful ball marking the birth of 2024 with hope for some, even as the world's ongoing conflicts subdued celebrations and raised security concerns across the globe.

Israel Declares War After Surprise Hamas Attack

(Dialogue Magazine) — The Israeli government formally declared war and gave the green light for “significant military steps” to retaliate against Hamas for its surprise attack, as the military labored into Monday to crush fighters still in southern towns and intensified its bombardment of the Gaza Strip. The toll passed 1,100 dead and thousands wounded on both sides.
Donald Trump Mugshot

Donald Trump: Inmate P01135809

(Dialogue Magazine) — A scowling Donald Trump posed for a mug shot Thursday as he surrendered inside a jail in Atlanta on charges that he illegally schemed to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia, creating a historic and humbling visual underscoring the former president's escalating legal troubles.